About Robin

A sensitive from early childhood, Robin has recognized and developed her natural abilities. A powerful empath and energy healer, she uses her gifts to help clients heal from a soul level. She connects with the energy of clients, sees what holds them back and how they can step into their power and into a path that resonates in the soul. The messages she receives from Spirit during sessions allow clients to step forward in ways that raise their vibration, and allows their light to shine!

Robin is a Reiki master and Teacher trained in the Usui Tradition. By harnessing the Universal Life Force Energy and directing it to the recipient, either in person or from any distance, energy flow is restored and enhanced. This brings physical, mental, and emotional relief from dis-ease. Her belief is that energy healing is available to everyone. Reiki can be sent to people, plants, animals, and the planet. The more people who access it, the better! Lessons and attunements are one-on-one and affordable.

Trained and certified in Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Emotion Freedom Technique Tapping (EFT), she compassionately guides clients towards their goals and living their best life every day. Whether it is clarifying and organizing goals, setting priorities, overcoming anxiety or fears, she creates a safe space for them to work through whatever is holding them back. Life can get messy and cluttered, Robin can help you restore your balance and order.