A Wounded Healer – An Introduction

This is a brief story of how I became a ‘Wounded Healer’. I am telling it not for sympathy, but because I understand suffering, and I understand healing. It is not for me to judge whether anyone’s pain is valid enough or deep enough, my role in this life is to help others recognize their own power to heal themselves. Nothing more, and nothing less.

I spent many years of my life hiding my wounds, trying to put on a brave and happy face in spite of them. Believe me, this is not a healthy way to handle anything! As a sensitive child I really never felt understood by my family, so I tried to be who they seemed to want me to be. I never excelled at anything because I never felt connected to anything. Not to my work, other people, or community. Yet I kept plugging away because, well what else can one do?

When I was ten years old my father was paralyzed by a stroke. It was a very scary time for a child, compounded by a lack of communication from the adults around me. I didn’t understand why my father was hospitalized for so long, why his hair turned silver, why he couldn’t speak or use the right side of his body. No one talked about what happened so asking was never an option.

Then my mother suddenly passed away when I was 12. Again, no real communication, it happened and we were to carry on. That added fear to the fear I already carried, and I decided that life was scary and all you could do was run across the battlefield and hope you could dodge the bullets.

I lived this way for many, many years. Never looking under the dressings because what I may find was unimaginably horrifying to think about. This took an extreme toll on me, mentally and physically, until there was nothing left to cover the wounds and it was too much. I broke. That is when the light started coming in.

I had started studying the Tarot, and found I was quite adept at it, and reading the energy of other people. What I learned a bit further into this journey is that I am, and always was, an empath.

I started to understand why I felt things so much more deeply than others tended to. I am connected to the energy. Instead of being controlled by this, as I had been my entire life, I learned to be aware of it and use it to help others. I learned to listen to the messages I receive, to develop the psychic gifts I have instead of being overwhelmed by them. I liberated myself! I turned my grief and suffering into something joyful and wonderful. I gave myself the gift of helping others!

When I give readings, I see deeply into the soul energy of my client. Together we bring to light the things buried, the things that keep them bound to energies that no longer serve them. I want everyone to find their light, that spark that makes them unique and special, and to let it shine into the world!

I do energy healing in the form of Reiki. I use my psychic gifts to find the energy blocks, and resolve them. I use EFT Tapping to reset energy flow and release fear, anxiety, and pain.

It is joyful work, I found what I am connected to and see how I can help people. This is what life is about, helping in whatever way we can. I have studied and worked and honed my crafts, and I continue to do so, learning is a lifelong game.

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